Fleet management for winter road maintenance: snowploughs

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MOVILOC® has developed a special tool to meet the needs of the winter road maintenance sector, aimed at winter road maintenance fleet management for road and snowplough maintenance. It not only provides real-time tracking of vehicles, but also of the activities performed.

The reports show companies the following in real time:

  • When the snowplough performed grit spreading tasks.
  • The position of the blade (raised or lowered). All of this information is linked to road kilometre points (KP).


  • It provides objective data of the daily operation of the snowploughs, so providing added value for the company and improving customer care.
  • The plow position sensor and de-icing agent spreading reports allow resources to be better controlled, for a better quality of service to be provided and comprehensive monitoring of work carried out.
  • It can be used as evidence in case of possible complaints by road users (all the data is recorded for life).

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