Concrete Quality Control

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The Royal Decree 1247/2008 of the 18th of July, describes in Annex 19th the guarantee levels and requirements to obtain the quality distinctive which is the official recognition for the concrete.

This new regulation requires, among other things, the need to ensure full traceability of the mixture, and the maintenance of the concrete prepared homogeneity and the specifications defined when there is transport and mix concrete from a factory/plant to the construction site.

A fleet management service can provide traceability information of the load. However, in the case of concrete transport, and under this new legislation, it is necessary to install mechanisms to determine in real time the status of vehicle parameters that are involved in the maintenance of this homogeneity and specifications of the concrete, such as:

  • Speed and direction of the revolving drum.
  • Amount of water poured in the revolving drum.
  • Hydraulic pressure applied to the revolving drum.

All this, linked to the time, position and speed of the vehicle, allows the monitoring of the parameters which measure the quality of the load.

You can be sure your concrete is transported to strict standards of quality
and, more importantly, the data are recorded so that it can demonstrate.

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