MOVILOC® has a wide range of peripherals to meet the needs of sectors.

This fleet location and management service is supplemented with sensors to measure the temperature and humidity, as well as to detect opening doors. All this data can be monitored in real time and it is perfectly integrated in the reports obtained through PALVIEW® platform.

Localización de sensores en vehículo para el transporte de animales vivos

CANBUS - FMS connection


Digital Temperature Sensor


Doors-open sensor


Driver identification


Panic button


Remote vehicle engine shutdown

CANBUS – FMS connection

How it works

The FMS Analyzer device provides to MOVILOC® an interface to the Bus FMS available in most heavy vehicles. Through a noninvasive connection, MOVILOC® can extract relevant vehicle data.

The data is extracted in real time and sent to MOVILOC® Data Center. For the fleet manager, this is valuable information. Not only it allows analyzing driver behavior easily, but also it is easier to increase vehicle usage efficiency, save fuel, reduce emissions and lower maintenance costs.

In addition, for vehicles with digital tachographs, the Bus FMS data include the current state of up to two drivers: driving, working or off duty. The system also shows when a driver is about to exceed the maximum driving time or work.

Note: It is important to note that the amount of data obtained depend mainly on the information available at the Bus FMS offered by the vehicle itself.

Conexión con CANBUS

FMS information available:

1. Real-time fuel level

2. Total fuel consumption

3. Real distance traveled by the vehicle

4. Engine temperature

5. Total hours of engine use

6. Engine state

7. Revolutions Per Minute

8. Digital tachograph data such as: Vehicle identification, driver ID, driving times.

9. Axis speed

10. Speeding

11. Driving Time

12. Kilometers remaining until the next service


  • Irrefutable information

    It is known with real data the driving habits of drivers.

  • Optimization of fuel consumption

    Braking habits and the acceleration and gear shift, greatly influence the fuel consumption and maintenance. With the FMS reports you can follow the driving profile of drivers and correct it if necessary. By avoiding unproductive fuel consumption in stop, you can save an average of 8% per vehicle.

  • Vehicle maintenance management

    The analysis of kilometers remaining to the next maintenance is particularly useful to effectively plan the maintenance of the vehicles.

  • Improved pricing policy

    The registration of fuel consumption allows a more accurate cost calculation of each trip and therefore it helps the company to create a more rigorous pricing policy.

Instrumental coche - velocidad y revoluciones

Digital Temperature Sensor

Controls the trailer temperature in real-time over the Internet, avoiding interruptions to the cold chain. Alarms can be displayed when values exceed preset limits.


  • Offers vital information for companies that use refrigerated vehicles and transport perishable goods.
  • Displays the cargo temperature in real-time and allows immediate action in the case of an incident, providing value added for the company and a guarantee for customers.
  • The temperature reports can be used as a certificate of guarantee in case of complaints.
  • Thanks to this tool, fleet managers can reduce haulage insurance costs.
Sensor de temperatura para vehículo

Doors-open sensor

The doors-open sensor can be used to detect when the vehicle doors are opened or closed, determining when and where the event occurs.

This heavy-duty device is made of aluminium and is easy to install. It provides control and security for the cargo being transported.

Sensor de apertura de puertas del vehículo

Driver identifier

Servicios de gestión de vehículos - identificación del conductor

This peripheral allows the identification of the driver of each vehicle on each route. It is widely used when there is rotation of drivers in vehicles of a fleet.

This device consists of a small reading unit fixedly installed on the vehicle. It reads the identification key of the drivers when they are inserted into the reader, sending a unique code that will precisely identify the driver who is using the vehicle.

How to use

Its use is very simple. The driver just needs to insert the key in the reader for a few seconds and then remove it. Once the identifier has been read, the boarded device installed in the vehicle records the date / time as a “Start Shift“. When the driver completes the working day, he just needs to reinsert the key identifier in the reader and the boarded device will record the date / time as “End Shift“.


  • Know at all times what driver is driving each vehicle.
  • Know if a driver has committed offenses while driving, such as speeding, and know when and where they occurred.
  • For the passenger transport sector, measure and improve the safety of drivers and passengers, evaluating the driving style of each driver thanks to their identification.
Servicio de gestión de vehículos - identificador del conductor

Panic button

Botón de pánico

The panic button is a peripheral that allows the driver, by pressing a button installed discreetly in the vehicle, to activate an alarm immediately to an emergency situation that is occurring. This notice will tell the vehicle that generated the alarm, the time and place where the alarm occurred.

Remote vehicle engine shutdown

This tool allows cutting the vehicle injection remotely, making it impossible to start once the vehicle has stopped.

It is designed to be activated from the Control Center as soon as vehicle theft is detected.

Inmovilización remota del vehículo

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