Pay as you drive

The analysis of the risk profiles of drivers allows important advantages. Knowing HOW, WHERE, HOW MANY HOURS and WHEN they drive is important to avoid dangerous situations by fatigue and driving habits.

Nowadays, the management and fleet tracking technology, it is also used to reduce the insurance premium liability. Before this was inevitable because this premium it was calculated with discriminant parameters:

  • AGE – you pay more if you’re younger.
  • GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION – you pay more if you drive in a region with high risk rate.
  • SEX – pay more if you are female (this is still true in several countries)

The use of technology generates data on which to evaluate the driving style of drivers, and therefore allow calculating the premium based on the personal level of risk, generating savings both direct and indirect in costs related to the maintenance of a fleet of vehicles.

Pago por uso del sistema de gestión de flotas de Moviloc

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