MOVILOC® Developer Partner Program

The MOVILOC® partnership program has been created to encourage the formation of long-term relationships between MOVILOC® and other companies that currently market innovative solutions in the transport and logistics sectors.
Localizador de vehiculos
The program’s goal is to establish cooperation and integration policies that allow the development and delivery of joint solutions to offer more value to the end customer, arising from the interrelation between the companies.
The development of these partnerships is achieved through the MOVILOC® Developer Partner Program, which is open to engineering and software development firms who wish to enrich their offer through the integration between their products and the MOVILOC® service.

Interconnection with third parties

Seguimiento de flotas por GPS

MOVILOC® is a fleet management service based on the PALVIEW® LBS platform and the A-20/A-30 range of localization equipment. The PALVIEW® include:

  • ERP Platforms
  • Software tools for route planning
  • Software tools for planning service schedules
  • Payroll software tools
  • Accounting software tolos
  • CRM Platforms
  • Datawarehouse tools for information analysis

The MOVILOC® service enables integration with third parties on two levels: The PALVIEW® platform publishes a wide range of Web services, which provide the basis for seamless integration and allow access to all the features, tools and data managed by the system. In turn, the A-20/A-30/U10 range of equipment has an open interface that can be used for the development of third party applications for use with them.

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