MOVILOC® service is designed for any company that uses mobile resources for its business operations.

Technical assistance

Aimed at companies that need to manage their team of technicians. Real-time location and allocation of work according to their location.

Sales force

Aimed at companies that need to manage their human resources effectively to optimise their time.

Vehicle hire companies

Aimed at companies with a fleet of vehicles to rent out.


Passenger Transport

Aimed at passenger transport companies.

Goods haulage and distribution

For regional, national and international goods haulage companies that require effective fleet management.

Refrigerated Haulage

For companies that require real-time control
of the cold chain from source.

Transport of hazardous good

For companies that require specific alarm systems to monitor and control the goods being transported.


Street cleaning services for Public Administration

New tools to improve street cleaning in our cities.


Industrial machinery rental

MOVILOC® has developed a new service designed for industrial machinery.


MOVILOC® has developed a special tool to meet the needs of the winter road maintenance sector.

Selective Waste Collection Management

Our MOVILOC® technological solution includes a tool specially aimed at companies devoted to selective waste collection.

Concrete Quality Control